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Expert Insight on Active Directory Security and Delegation of Administration

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Welcome to, a website dedicated to the vital topics of Active Directory Security and Active Directory Delegation.

Welcome to, a website focused on Delegation of Administration in Active Directory

Active Directory is the foundation of identity and access management and administrative delegation in Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructures. It thus is the lifeline of a Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure and it plays a mission-critical role in business and in organizational security.

One of the most important aspects of Active Directory Security is Delegation of Administration, which is the means by which administrative responsiblities for managing identity and access are distributed and delegated amongst an organization's IT administrators.

Delegation of Administration is mission-critical to Active Directory security because it involves the granting of powerful administrative privileges within the Active Directory.

While delegation of administration is a very powerful capability, it is also very complicated. In particular, while delegating access is rather easy, accurately determining resultant delegated administrative access in Active Directory is very difficult and highly error-prone.

In order to help IT administrators correctly delegate, assess, report and undelegate delegated administrative access in Active Directory, this website was designed to provide authoritative guidance on all aspects of administrative delegation in Active Directory.

This website provides an extensive Active Directory technical reference section, an insightful and authoritative guidance section covering all aspects of delegation, and useful tips and helpful tools on Active Directory security and resultant access reporting.

For instance, on this website, you can find helpful information on helpful Active Directory reporting tools, how to enumerate nested group memberships in Active Directory, Active Directory privilege escalation risks, Active Directory security permissions, rights and privileges, how to generate Active Directory effective security permissions, and how to generate accurate Active Directory resultant-access reports.

Valuable Active Directory Security and Delegation Tools

This website also shares helpful information on how to solve difficult Active Directory and delegation related challenges with Microsoft-endorsed tools. The following is a demo of one such Active Directory Security and Access Audit Tool –

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This Microsoft-endorsed Active Directory Audit Tool can help you analyze Active Directory security permissions and access rights, determine true Active Directory effective permissions and generate Active Directory delegation audit reports.

Active Directory Security Forum

Active Directory Security is not only very important to the overall security of a Microsoft Windows Server based network, but also a vast subject that spans many areas such as delegation of administration and domain controller security.

IT administrators worldwide can now find valuable information and discuss important questions about Active Directory Security at the Active Directory Security Forum, which is the world's most trusted forum on Active Directory Security.

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